Mahjong Thursdays @ 1pm

Mahjong players gather here on Thursdays @ 1pm to sharpen their intelect and hone their processing skills.  They also enjoy their favorite hot beverage while exercising their minds!

Come, join in the fun and games!

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Who Were the Icarians?

To learn about their history and heritage in the Corning area “go to” the Anita Public Library, Thursday, May 12 @ 5:30pm. Saundra Leinenger, executive director of the Icarian Colony French Foundation will present the French Icarian Village program.
Etienne Cabet’s fictional book “Voyage en Icarie”, spawned the movement in the late 1840’s to establish “fraternity, equality, and liberty” in a very REAL colony SOMEWHERE!
Come and enjoy this presentation about our rich local history, and what the Village experience is today.
Delectable refreshments provided by Library Staff and volunteers.

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More Book Talk Fun!

Thursday, April 14 @ 5:30pm Cheryl McCaskey will once again serve as moderator for another evening of sharing good reads!  So bring your favorite and join in the lively discussions around the central theme of “history”.

Everyone will also enjoy the homemade goodies !

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