December News

As we closed out November giving thanks for our family and friends, here at the library we were hastily getting ready for our big December Open House. This year, the library was hopping during Anita’s “Walk through a Winter Wonderland” as we had so much going on here this year. The library was open on Sunday, December 3rd from 4:00pm  to 7:30pm that night. Santa Claus was the main attraction from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. While Santa Claus was here for the children to visit, we also had the girl’s basketball team here to do make and take crafts with the children as well as decorating cookies!

Santa’s Sweet Shopped was open to the public from 4:00pm to 7:00pm for people come stock up on treats where the proceeds goes towards the ongoing Genealogy projects. This year, we had many helpers and patrons who either worked and or made and brought goodies. We brought in $352. Thank you all!

We were also excited to have an Usborne Book Sale during the Open House as well! The book sale ran from Sunday, December 3rd through Tuesday, December 5th. For each sale of the books, the library received 50% towards free books! In all, the library received $261 dollars in FREE BOOKS!! Thank you to everyone who helped in any way supporting your library! The new books are on the shelf and ready for the kids to check out.

In the upcoming weeks, the library will be giving each child in the CAM North Elementary school from Preschool to 5th grade a book of their own to take home and enjoy. This is a yearly tradition that the library has been able to do for one classroom in the past. With the help of a donation designated for this service project and the friends of the library, we are able to supply a book in the hands of every student this year.

MOVIE DAY – On Thursday, December 28th, the library will be having a Christmas Movie Day. The movie choices are Elf or Arthur Christmas. Snacks will be provided. Come to the library and vote for your choice of the movie to be shown.

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October News

Here at the library, we have been enjoying the children for the after school programs on Thursday afternoons this year from 3:40pm to 4:30pm. We have had many different activities that works on mind building as well as teamwork. The kids are enjoying themselves and having fun. One on particular afternoon, we did Lego challenges where the kids would draw a card and on that card would be a saying. One example was build a tree house. So the kids would build a tree house using the Legos. Another week, we took 8 different 100 piece puzzles from our game area and dumped 4 puzzles onto each of the two tables. The kids then had to sort through the pieces and put the 4 puzzles back together. Next Thursday, October 26th, we will be playing Halloween Bingo. Come join us for fun and learning each Thursday after school.

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Dresses for Little Girls

On September 11th at 2:00pm here at the Anita Public Library, we will have Cheryl Wessels tell us all about the mission that started out as a small project and has just grown! There are many volunteers and steps that take place to make just one beautiful dress. These dresses will eventually make their way to Africa and put a beautiful smile on some little girls face.

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