Support your Library

Volunteering at the Library

Volunteers help in all aspects of the Library, from shelving books, helping at library events, and giving computer support.

Who can be a Volunteer?
    The Library seeks volunteers of all ages and backgrounds.

How to Become a Volunteer?
    If you are interested in volunteering at the Anita Public Library contact the library at (712) 762-3639 or see Library Staff for more details.

Donations to the Library

Book Donations
    The Anita Public Library welcomes donated books, audio books, and DVDs. Your donations may be added to the Library's collection, placed on the Exchange Paperback shelf to be circulated through our Pass the Book program, or placed on our used book sale. The use of your donated books will help enhance our services and programs. Contact the Library with questions about donating books to the library.

Gifts, Memorials, and General Donations
    Monetary donations help the Library expand and maintain its collections, services and programs. Donors can suggest a particular area of format for purchase, or give an unspecified donation to be used as the Library best sees fit. Donations of all sizes are welcome, however the average cost of a book is $20. If requested, a donor plate can be placed on those items donated.
    The Library offers the Adopt-an-Author Program where a patron can specify a specific author and purchases that Author's new released books as they are made available to the public. When participating in this program, the patron who purchases the author will get first chance to read the new book. If requested, an Adopt-an-Author book plate can be placed inside the book.
    Memorials or monetary donations are also accepted at the Library in memory of a loved one, relative, or friend in their honor. A donor plate can be placed on those items that are purchased in memory of someone.

How to Make a Donation to the Library.
* Indicated how you would like the funds to be used.
* Make the check out to the "Anita Public Library".
* Drop the check off at the Anita Public Library of mail to:

Anita Public Library
PO Box 366
Anita, IA 50020

All donations made to the Anita Public Library are tax-deductible.